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Lick Mat | Dog Enrichment | Blue

Lick Mat | Dog Enrichment | Blue

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Dog lick mats are remarkably versatile, serving as multifunctional tools that aid in mental stimulation, slow feeding, distraction, relaxation, and training. Their textured surfaces engage dogs mentally while promoting slower feeding habits, providing a calming distraction during stressful situations, and serving as effective training aids by reinforcing positive behaviors with tasty rewards.
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  • No Additives

    Avoid artificial additives, colors, and flavors that are often found in commercial treats.

  • Control Over Ingredients

    Have full control over the quality and sourcing of ingredients, ensuring your dog gets the best.

  • Freshness Guarantee

    Know exactly when the treats were made and can ensure they're consumed at their freshest.

  • Improved Nutrition

    Human-grade food often contains higher-quality ingredients, offering better nutrition for your dog.

  • Variety

    You can introduce a wider range of flavors and ingredients, reducing the likelihood of boredom with their food.

  • Better Ingredient

    You have greater control over what your dog consumes, allowing you to avoid potentially harmful additives and fillers.