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Enrichment Pet Slow Feeder - Food Bowl - Dog Paw

Enrichment Pet Slow Feeder - Food Bowl - Dog Paw

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Indulge your dog with our paw-themed slow feeder bowl! Designed to curb fast eating habits, it aids in preventing choking and vomiting, promotes healthy weight management, and engages your pup's mind during mealtime.

L: 7.2 inch

H: 1.7 inch

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  • No Additives

    Avoid artificial additives, colors, and flavors that are often found in commercial treats.

  • Control Over Ingredients

    Have full control over the quality and sourcing of ingredients, ensuring your dog gets the best.

  • Freshness Guarantee

    Know exactly when the treats were made and can ensure they're consumed at their freshest.

  • Improved Nutrition

    Human-grade food often contains higher-quality ingredients, offering better nutrition for your dog.

  • Variety

    You can introduce a wider range of flavors and ingredients, reducing the likelihood of boredom with their food.

  • Better Ingredient

    You have greater control over what your dog consumes, allowing you to avoid potentially harmful additives and fillers.